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LBMS  Level 1
with Karen Studd, Laura Cox, Catherine  Maguire, Alexandra Baybutt
ROMA July - September 2023
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The Laban/Bartenieff Movement System (LBMS) is the most widespread system in the world for understanding and analyzing the language of movement in expressive and functional terms.

It is a global system used to understand multiple aspects of human movement. The LBMS methodology incorporates a theoretical framework and specific terminology to describe movement. The system is used to identify, represent and interpret both macro and micro patterns of human movement.

As an analysis system, LBMS is unique in that it identifies and codifies both qualitative and quantitative aspects of movement. The system is also capable of identifying and differentiating universal patterns common to all human beings, group patterns, including culturally relevant patterns, and those that identify unique characteristics of an individual.

The 120-hour WholeMovement LBMS Level I Training offers students the basic knowledge of the Laban/Bartenieff Movement System to:

- analyze the language of the body in movement through the components of Body Space, Shape and Effort  
- acquire tools for understanding and describing movement as well as expanding movement capacity
- understand and explore Bartenieff Fundamentals (BF) as part of LBMS, thorugh its concepts and methods for movement practice based in foundational aspects of human motor patterns
- develop accuracy and clarity in the language and practice of movement applicable to all professional and artistic activities including but not limited to: dance, theatre, art therapy.
- understand how LBMS can be used as a Somatic Movement Education application and Therapeutic intervention

The Laban/Bartenieff Movement System allows students to develop analytical observation skills, an indispensable tool for people who use movement in their professional and creative work.

Karen Cina


Bartenieff Fundamentals and aspects of Experiential Anatomy
Observation and Experience of movement  – both Seeing and sensing patterns of action
Historical Context including the ongoing development of LBMS and its application in educational and therapeutic fields

Topics covered
The foundational principles of movement including: Breath Support and Core Support
Dynamics of action supporting the Function and Expression of human movement
The baseline of FlowSensing  and WeightSensing
Mapping and Identifying the Space of action through exploring the pulls of 1, 2 and 3 Dimension Space

The significance of Phrasing in sequences of action

The relation of the Body to Space through the Shape of the Body’s changing form
Voice as movement
The Patterns of Body Organization and links to motor development.

The lessons are conducted in English with translation into Italian, and in Italian. The materials, in English, that the teachers will make available to the students will be sent from time to time via email.


The course is aimed at those who want to learn about the Laban/Bartenieff system, dancers, dance teachers, movement artists, musicians, psychomotor therapists, motor, expressive and musical area teachers, communication assistants, educators, rehabilitation therapists, art therapists, osteopaths, psychosomatic therapists.


23,24,25,26 JULY 2023

28,29,30,31 JULY 2023

20,21,22,23 SEPTEMBER 2023

25,26,27 SEPTEMBER 2023



At the conclusion of this first level composed of 120 hours students will have to complete all assignments to receive the certificate of:
Level 1 Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst
The certificate issued by the Course is recognized by the international institutions that train the Analysts of the Laban/Bartenieff Movement.
This first level of training in Movement Analysis (LBMS) organized in Rome, is designed to allow interested students to be able to continue and complete their studies with other European and international training programs. The qualification obtained will give access to active training in Europe and in the United States, China and Israel:
EMOVE: Rotterdam (Holland) the qualification obtained allows you to enter level 3 www.emoveinstitute.com
LIMS: New York (USA) - Beijing, Shanghai & Changsha (China) - Netanya &Tel Aviv (Israel) the qualification obtained allows entry to level 2 www.labaninstitute.org
WHOLEMOVEMENT: Washington (USA) the qualification obtained allows you to enter level 2 www.wholemovement.org
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